Fueled by Unwavering Dedication and Enriched by a Team of Veterans, Prior Law Enforcement Officers, Pilots, and Aircraft Mechanics, Our Mission is to Equip Commercial Operators, Military Forces, and Law Enforcement Agencies with the Apex of Training Excellence. Your Journey to Unmatched Proficiency Begins Here, Within the Realm of Our High-Fidelity Flight Simulators.

Our team members have serviced in the following services:

meet  our  Administration  team

Steven Hawrylak
Chief Executive Officer
U.S. Airforce Veteran
U.S. Army
Aviation Maintenance

Michael Hawrylak
Chief Operations Officer
U.S. Coast Guard Veteran
Maritime Law Enforcement

Roxi Hawrylak
Finance Manager

meet  our  sales  team

Jordan Brown
Flight Simulator Sales
Customer Service
Sales Team Manager
Seminole County Sheriff's Office Veteran

David Moore
Traveling Flight Simulator Sales
DA20, DA50 and HA420
U.S. Air Force Wings
U.S. Navy Wings
U.S. Coast Guard
Location Georgia

Brett Rudd
Remote Flight Simulator Sales
Aircraft Charter Sales
Aviation Nut
Location Arizona

Chip Leatherman
Remote Flight Simulator Sales
Aviation Enthusiast
Aircraft Broker
Location West Virginia

Luke Beck-Fridell
Remote Flight Simulator Sales
U.S. Army National Guard
CH-47 Pilot
Location California

meet  our  production  team


Flight Simulator Technician
Laser & 3D Printer Tech
Custom Fabricator

Flight Simulator Technician
Order Fullfilment
Solder Tech
Laser & 3D Printer Tech

CAD & 3D Design
Assembly Technician
Aerospace Engineering
Simulator Guru

Circuit Board Developer
Prototyping & Testing
Simulator Guru

Assembly Tech Level 1
Solder Tech
Aspiring Aviation Maintenance Tech


Flight Simulator Tech
Flight Sim Guru
Laser Tech
U.S. Air Force Veteran
Career Enlisted Aviator


2015: Foundation of Excellence

In 2015, the Aviation Training Foundation was established, marking the inception of our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional aviation training solutions.

2016-2019: A Journey of Development

The subsequent years witnessed dedicated efforts towards refining our core offerings. Extensive time and resources were invested in shaping our Aviation Part 147 Curriculum, Trainer Manufacturing, and the innovative realm of simulator development.

2020-2021: Navigating Challenges, Unveiling Opportunities

The year 2020 brought unforeseen challenges with the emergence of the Covid pandemic. However, amidst uncertainty, our resolve remained unshaken. We embarked on a new horizon, venturing into flight simulator and hardware sales. Our eCommerce platform was introduced, coinciding with the significant advancement of our flight simulator manufacturing endeavors. In 2021, the seeds sown in the previous year flourished, with considerable growth witnessed in both the Home User market and bespoke flight simulators, bolstered by an unwavering commitment to excellence in aviation training.

2020-2022: A Paradigm of Progress

This era stands as a testament to our determination and innovation. As we progress through the second quarter of 2022, we have achieved unparalleled success, surpassing our past milestones. Our dedication to excellence is evident in the imminent FAA certification of multiple training devices. The introduction of transformative simulations such as the G-Flare (Cessna 172 Simulator), the "ACE" Beech 99 for larger air carriers, Parker 44 (Robinson 44 Helicopter), and a Citation Mustang Jet, demonstrates our relentless pursuit of advanced training solutions. Additionally, our hardware lineup is expanding to encompass offerings for the PC12, Phenom 300, and beyond.

2022-Current: Shaping the Future of Aviation Training

The year 2023 marks a pivotal juncture for our company as we pivot towards the professional flight simulator space, aligning ourselves with Commercial Operators, Military, and Law Enforcement Agencies. Our staff, composed of dedicated Military & Law Enforcement Veterans and Pilots, infuses our direction with passion and expertise. Our capabilities have expanded, allowing us to manufacture Full Flight Simulators (FFS) from level A to D, embodying our unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of aviation training excellence.

As we journey into the future, we remain steadfast in our mission to empower aviators and elevate training standards across the aviation industry.

Commercial Operators

At Aviation Training Foundation LLC, we provide commercial operators with a transformative training experience that goes beyond the ordinary. Our tailored flight simulators empower commercial airlines and operators to enhance pilot proficiency, optimize crew coordination, and ensure peak performance in diverse scenarios.


Dedicated to serving those who defend our skies, Aviation Training Foundation LLC stands as a beacon of innovation for military aviation training. Our state-of-the-art flight simulators cater to the rigorous requirements of armed forces, enabling comprehensive mission readiness and skill enhancement.

Law Enforcement

Embracing the duty of safeguarding our communities, Aviation Training Foundation LLC empowers law enforcement agencies with immersive flight simulation solutions tailored to the unique needs of aerial law enforcement. Our simulators offer law enforcement pilots the opportunity to practice precision maneuvers, tactical response scenarios, and surveillance operations in a controlled environment, simulating real-world law enforcement scenarios.


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