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We are excited to announce that we are currently working on a Cessna 172 Switch/Multi Panel Prototype. The panel is made from 3 layers of 3mm Acrylic. We use aviation grade hardware were and when we can. Our goal is to provide a very realistic 1:1 replica of the panel. Occasionally we may make some changes to the measurements due to cutting area of our Laser bed.


Realist Replica Rocker Switches

This Panel includes the Master Battery and Alternate Rocker Switch Replica as well as the Avionics Master Rocker Switch Replica with realistic functionality.  These rockers are 3D printed and Assembled right here in our shop.   Most realistic option with out breaking the bank.

High Quality Toggle Switch's

This panel has a total of Seven High Quality Toggle Switches installed.  We use the best Toggle Switches we can find at a reasonable price, that accurately represents the functionality and Tactile feel of the real aircraft.   

5 Position Spring Return Magneto/Ignition Switch.

The 5 Position Spring Return Ignition Switch is great for any aircraft in need of a starter /  magneto switch.    The switch includes the following positions.

  • Off
  • Right
  • Left
  • Both
  • Start (Spring Return)

The Switch is manufactured primarily out of Aluminum parts, however the Coupler Joint that joins the Aluminum Threaded Rod to the 5 Position Rotary Selector Switch is 3D Printed.You can purchase this part separately for DIY Projects Here.


Development Road Map

There are a few design challenges ahead that must be complete prior to making this unit available for purchase.

  1. Designing the PCB (Back-lighting Circuit, Switch Panel Functionality Circuits).
  2. Determine Best USB Interface
  3. Manufacturing PCB's
  4. Assembling and Testing The Unit.
  5. Making any Design Changes as needed.
  6. Final Assembly and Testing

We are now ready to ship the product.

Pre-Order Information

If you are interested in this unit, you can Pre-Order HERE.  Pre-Orders will help us in the development process as it will aid in funding the project.   We are offering special pricing for our Pre-Orders.

Please keep an Eye on our News Section for Future Development Updates of this project.

Limited Number of Pre-Orders! Get yours Now! $279.99

Estimated Release Date: June 1, 2021


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