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Enhance your flight sim experience with realistic and accurate cockpit layouts, hardware, and functionality. We Offer affordable custom-built flight simulators to match any aircraft. Contact us today for your custom build.

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Realistic Hardware

Take the next step in your flight simulation with realistic flight simulation hardware. Our hardware will improve the quality of your flight simulator experience. Whether your a pilot training or staying proficient with your actual ratings, or an aviation enthusiast, our hardware is a great addition to any simulator.

Professional Grade

Training like a professional does not have to cost an arm and leg. Rated Pilots and enthusiasts alike can enjoy professional-grade hardware. Our flight sim hardware is built with durability and reliability so that it will last for years. Our products are used in both professional FAA-approved devices as well as home cockpits.

Plug & Play

Are you tired of complicated installs? Are you tired of nonstop driver installs that change based on what sim software you run? Our hardware is built with the end-user in mind. We use standard Joystick Controllers that your PC will see as a game controller.


Flight Simulator  Solutions

The Aviation Training Foundation offers custom-built flight simulator solutions for both commercial uses with FAA Approvals, as well as non-FAA-certified devices.    Whether you are an avid flight sim enthusiast, a military recruiting station, or have a professional need for a flight training device, we have you covered.  To learn more about or products and custom simulator services, CLICK HERE.


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147 school Solutions

The Aviation Training Foundation offers a complete line of aviation electrical trainers designed to meet part 147 training requirements. Students start with the Basic Ohm’s Law trainer in the  General Aviation section learning how to measure and calculate basic series, parallel, and complex circuits. Once these skills are developed students move to Wiring and Troubleshooting Trainers. These Trainers are used to meet training requirements in the Airframe and Powerplant subject areas. 




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