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Customer Satisfaction is among our highest goals for the Aviation Training Foundation.   We strive to deliver quality, durability and reliability for every piece of equipment we manufacture. 



Part 147 School Project Boards & Trainers

There are three different types of project boards; Basic Ohm’s Law,
Troubleshooting, and Wiring.  In addition we offer larger trainers such as Fire Suppression Systems, Aircraft Oxygen System's, Landing Gear Trainers and much more.   All trainers also included Curriculum that was written with over 40 plus years of experience, and for today Aviation Maintenance Technicians in mind.

147 School Information

Flight Simulator Devices

All of our Flight Simulator Devices are custom built to order. We are able to work with the FAA in order to certify a simulator for professional use, or we can build a cockpit for you personal home use.  No matter which option you choose, we have a solution for you and your budget.  We also offer a wide range of  aircraft panels, panel kits and other related products for home cockpit builders.

Flight Simulator Information

Need Part 147 School

With over 40 Plus years in the industry, Steven Hawrylak can assist your school with setting up a new part 147 program and avoid many of the head aches and costly mistakes most schools run into.