Part 147 School Trainers

There are three different types of project boards; Basic Ohm’s Law,
Troubleshooting, and Wiring.  In addition we offer larger trainers such as Fire Suppression Systems, Aircraft Oxygen System's, Landing Gear Trainers and much more.   All trainers also included Curriculum that was written with over 40 plus years of experience, and for today Aviation Maintenance Technicians in mind.



Ohm's Law Board

The Basic Ohm’s Law boards allow the students to calculate and measure resistance, wire basic series, parallel, and complex circuits using lamps and resistors. Then calculate and measure resistance, current, and voltage. This provides an understanding of basic circuits and an understanding of how to use a multi-meter.


Excellent craftsmanship 

Durable Materials and Construction

Students Measure Resistance, Current and Voltage

Curriculum includes Power Points, Handouts, and Tests.

Wiring Board

The wiring boards use actual or simulated aircraft components and actual aircraft circuits to allow the student to wire the circuits. There are currently nine different circuit board designs but more can be added. The student starts with
basic circuits and then progresses to more difficult circuits. Normally large classes use three boards of each circuit design. The instructor can assign and track progress using a flow chart and rotate students using different difficulty levels as students’ progress.


Wiring board teaches schematic reading

Helps the student understand circuit operation.

Durable and Reliable Construction.


TroubleShooting Board

The troubleshooting boards use actual aircraft circuits and actual or simulated components to demonstrate working aircraft electrical systems. The student studies how the circuit works normally and then can add ten faults, one at a time.
There are fourteen designs and each board gets more difficult as the student proceeds. Normally a large class would use three copies of each board with the exception of the final Fire Protection Trainer which is a stand-alone project.  


Teaches Students Basic and Advanced Troubleshooting

Durable and Reliable Construction

Faults Built In

Multiple copies of the same circuit boards do not need to have the same faults.  Each board can be customized and can be easily modified by the instructor to change the faults. The back of the board has a removable cover with an alarm.

The alarm alerts the instructor should the student try to open the back of the board. The instructor controls the class progress by using a flow chart to monitor who is assigned to or completed each board.


All Trainer Include:

  • Low Cost
  • Student Resistant
  • Helps student learn required skills better than other expensive trainers
  • Includes lesson plans, project booklets, and answer sheets
  • Easy to follow step by step directions for students
  • Allows instructors to change faults and procedures
  • Online assistance for Instructors and Students
  • Trainers are portable and can be used in the classroom, Lab, or Hangar.
  • Can be easily stored in cabinets or hung on the wall.
  • Built to the highest professional standards.

If you have specific needs, not mentioned above, please let us know.  We can build some custom trainers for your business.